With the close of Pentecost after Evening Prayer, the Pascal Candle is extinguished and Easter Season is concluded. But the presence of the Spirit of Christ continues forever...

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Meister Eckhart Master of Mystics

The Guide to Christian Spirituality Available

Bloomsbury Publishing released the American edition of The Guide to Christian Spirituality at the end of October. Thirty-two outstanding authors present a wide array of essays on all aspects of Christian spirituality from its ancient origins to future trends. It can ordered on-line from Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com.

Meister Eckhart Master of Mystics

Meister Eckhart Master of Mystics Now Available

My new book on Meister Eckhart is finally on release in the US as well as England --Meister Eckhart, Master of Mystics. It’s available from Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. The work of ten years of study and reflection on major themes in Eckhart’s preaching and teaching, it’s a companion volume to Eckhart’s Way. Click on the cover or here for further information.

Eckhart's Way Still Available

In 2009 Veritas Publications in Dublin released the newly revised edition of Eckhart's Way, an exploration of the life, times, and spiritual doctrine of the great German Dominican mystic, Meister Eckhart. It is available from Amazon.com in the US and in England. (More Publications...)

Spirituality, Health & Healing

Spirituality, Health and Healing

Spirituality, Health and Healing, a 5-CD set of talks on the connections between physical, mental, and spiritual wellness, is also available from Now You Know Media in Chevy Chase, MD. For information, click on the cover.
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